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Estimate Assist are a professional roof writers group specializing in Xactimate and Eagleview estimates

We do most of our work for contractors!

Roof Estimate

Roof estimates can be written in Xactimate with or without an Eagle View report. If you have all the measurements and calculations, just fill in the blanks on one of our forms. If you order an EagleView it provides the quantity for square feet, ridge, steep, step flashing, drip edge, eaves, rake, and valleys. If you want an item included on your Xactimate roof estimate, you must list them on our form. 

Send all your information

  • Submit Our Form (required)
  • Adjuster Written Xactimate Estimates
  • Specialty Bid Items
  • Photos
  • An EagleView report (if you already have one)

What to expect on your Xactimate Roof Estimate?

Your Xactimate roof estimate will include your company information, all of the items you indicated with recent pricing for the correct zip code. We will also include your logo, photos, and specialty bid items if provided. You can furnish your own EagleView or other aerial report if you wish. If you have an adjuster’s estimate, be sure to send it also. Don’t bother repeating information already on the adjuster’s estimate. We will also include up to 12 non-roof items. This can include an additional garage, shed, barn, fence, siding, paint, window reglazing, interior rooms drywall and paint repair.

After You Order a Xactimate Roof Estimate

You will receive your estimate as a PDF attachment by return email usually within 1-2 days, except Sundays and holidays. There are times, however, when an order can take up to 3 days, due to volume.

If you need more, we offer all types of services at reasonable prices. Bigger estimates take longer to write, as a rule. All estimates are written from scratch by seasoned professionals.

Estimate Assist Roofing Order Forms

Use one of the forms below to order an estimate.

Roof Forms

 Download our Printable Roof Form

Siding Form

You can add a siding estimate with our Printable Siding Form

Roof and Siding Combination Estimate

If you would like to add a roof to a siding estimate, or vice versa, please download both forms.